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Friday, June 18, 2010

My Mind is the Scene of the Crime

The valuable secret in my mind and i don't want it to be stolen is how the person that i ever trusted and should be my protector have been my true enemy deep within. I can't tell anybody till now (for almost 20 years) what is it or it will cost everything that my family have now.

Luckily it stopped since i have strength to keep a distance. I never mention to anybody. and i never lost my respect to him. and thank to God it was stopped for years now. so that we don't have to remember it anymore and the grunge over him have move away.

i don't want the memory to be stolen because i don't want it to be used to break my family. i love my family forever. because we are nothing without our family.

ermmm... break it off now..


Leornado DiCaprio kembali dengan movie terbaru Inception on 15th of July. tgk trailer cam mengganggu minda jugak.. tertanya2 storyline citer nih... anyway 70 nuffnagers bakal dapat tiket premier filem nih kalau terpilih.. silalah gliteraties sekalian mencubanya key... follow je instruction dia...

check out trailer Inception k...


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wow, can't wait to see inception movie in my city Omaha. i love Christoper Nolan and i love Leonardo Dicaprio, both of them great director and actor in Hollywood. Inception will rock box office. Thanks for sharing

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