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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hati-hati bila jumpa dentist.... hadoii....

huiii... takde yang selamat dah ke kat dunia nih.... duk mulut tengah ternganga2 tu bleh lak doktor gigi tu wat hal... so pikirkan keselamatan okes.... macam-macam bleh berlaku kalau nak berlaku la nih.... mayat pun bleh kene rogol apa lagi orang hidup....

An amorous dentist in China has been arrested after popping his skin-flute into an unsuspecting patients mouth-hole.
The unnamed 28-year-old dentist works at the Qinpu Zhongshan Hospital in the Qingpu District of Shanghai. According to the complainant she was attending the hospital last Friday for oral surgery when the dentist asked her to close her eyes and open her mouth wide. But unlike most dentists, this one then undid his trousers and slipped his reproductive organ past the woman’s gums.
A spokeswoman for the hospital, who’s name is coincidentally Wang, said the dentist had worked there for two years, and shown no previous signs of being a sexual oddball-nutjob.
“He has been an excellent dentist who never showed any signs of behaving like this,” Wang told the Shanghai Daily.
Wang explained that the dentist has a girlfriend and the pair recently applied for a marriage certificate, she added that he may have been suffering from depression or other mental brain sickness.
Police have detained the dirty dentist and are carrying out their investigations.

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