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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Gambar kitaran menstruasi wanita... | Lelaki budiman boleh amik tau..

Day One
Blood – red , clotty and heavy flow
Cramps – mild
Breasts – de-swelling
Feeling – very sexual and tender
 Day Two Blood – Dark red, medium/light flow
Breasts – normal
Basal body temperature  – 97.2 F (and remains between 97 F and 97.4 F until day 20)
 Day Three
Blood – Brown and watery dark red, low flow

 Day Four
Brown Spotting with some dark red flecks (note fresh blood at os)

 Day Five
Light brown discharge; very low flow
Tender, heart-achey

 Day Six
Very light brown discharge
Sticky cervical fluid when touched between fingers

Day Seven
Cervix in low closed position
Cervical fluid sticky
 Day Eight
Cervix, low and closed/firm
Cervical fluid white and sticky
 Day Nine
Cervix low and closed
Dry sensation

 Day Ten
Cervix low and closed
Notice blood spot near os and brown clot near cervix (right).  Possibly from vigorous intercourse earlier that day (not mittelschmerz as I am not ovulating yet)** Since posting this last idea that the blood may have been from intercourse, I have since been diagnosed with an endometrial polyp that occasionally causes bleeding mid-cycle, usually unrelated to intercourse.  I am treating it with holistic measures and hope it clears up soon.

 Day Eleven
Cervical fluid is creamy

Day Twelve
Cervical fluid white and wet, milky
Feeling particularly sexual

Day Thirteen
Copious watery cervical fluid
Cervix softening and moving upwards

Day Fourteen
White/clear watery cervical fluid, dripping

Day Fifteen
Cervical fluid changed to more eggwhite texture
Cervix is soft, open and high

Day Sixteen
Cervical fluid alternately wet and eggwhite consistency
Cervix soft and high

Day Seventeen
Cervical fluid is very gelatainous (here seen covering os) and streaked with whitish yellow
Sensitive, sensual breasts (not painfully tender)
Stringy Fluid when stretched between fingers (above)

Day Eighteen
Eggwhite fluid

Day Nineteen
More white-tinged eggwhite fluid
Very stretchy and strong Fluid (above)

Day Twenty
Mild back pain and cramp on left side (mittelschmerz)
Ovulation suspected!
Feeling very sexual
Cervical Fluid gelatinous and egg-white (right)

 Day Twenty One
Drier/chunkier (like drying rubber cement) cervical fluid
Nipples very tender and painful
Day Twenty-Two
Tender nipples
Cervical position is mid and slightly open
Basal Body temperature beginning to rise, today 97.6  F
Day Twenty-Three
Very tender nipples
Dry feeling
Basal Body temperature 97.5 F 

Day Twenty-Four
Very tender nipples
Dry feeling
Cervix feels hard and high again

 Day Twenty-Five
Headache and tired

Day Twenty-Six
Breasts swelling
Tacky cervical fluid
Basal Body temperature now noticeably higher than preovulation by about 1 degree Farenheit.  It is now 98.1 F and ranges from 98.1 F to 98.6 F for the rest of this of cycle
 Day Twenty-Seven
Tender nipples, swollen breasts
Tacky cervical fluid
Day Twenty-Eight
Dry feeling

 Day Twenty-Nine
Dry feeling
Day Thirty
Dry feeling
Breasts feel heavy

Day Thirty-One
Feeling bloated
Dry fluid (note fresh blood at os, sign of impending menses)
Feeling emotionally tender

Day Thirty-Two
Very light brown spotting
Cervix low and open
Feeling tired

Day Thirty-Three
Pink spotting
Lower back ache
Menses begins tomorrow upon waking, 13 days after ovulation (luteal phase)

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putri_roh said...


salam kenal... ehehe.. ha'ah kan.. eheheh... sblm ni duk pk kt dinding tu duk runtuh darah tu.. rupenye ade saluran jugak.. isk..isk.. tu rupanya pangkal rahim..

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