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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Giveaway dari TH's Corner

belek sana belek sini... jumpe lagik crafter yg murah hati adekan giveaway...

kali nih dari TH's corner...

so meh kite reramai cube luck kat TH's Corner k...
comel2 stuff dia...
which is...

1.Hello Kitty photo frame from TH's corner
2.Angel Necklace from My Kid Shopping
3.Black Leather Deodorant from Twins Happiness
4.The KFC Delivery Crew from Also Mommy
5.Pooh photo frame from There is Happiness
6.Prelove Eyeko Pink Polish nail polish from name sherry
7.Prelove Eyeko Pretty Polish nail polish from heart random
8.Eye mask from lurvertyhing.com
9.Eye mask from isherrygo.com
10.Mask from That Blog 4 Me


2 geng putri roh yg tomeiii....:

T.H said...

hi you need to link the ten items yeah :) in the post then come back again with your link.. sbb u bagi link url salah i not yours

T.H said...

hi sis, you forgot put the image link to your side bar :)

pls do it then come comment yeah :)

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ce citer.. ce citer....

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